Compact MIMO Antenna for Personal Handsets

AuthorsPokorný, M.
FundingCOST LD12012
Responsibledoc. Ing. Jaroslav LÁČÍK, Ph.D.

This two element MIMO antenna is designed for operation in 2.3 – 2.6 GHz band. Antenna elements represent the PIFA structure made on Arlon 25N substrate with thickness 0.76 mm. Antenna substrate is elevated by 7.4 mm above ground plane. Its dimensions are 60.0 mm x 50.0 mm. The camera body is included in the design because the antenna is intended to be mounted on the back side of the modern cell phone. The mentioned bandwidth is guaranteed at |S11| < -9dB. The distance between elements is approximately L/2 which provides the optimal space diversity and MIMO performance.