InterOP-Interoperability of Heterogenous Radio Systems
On January 1, 2018, TU Wien, Brno University of Technology, and the University of Applied Sciences of Upper Austria started a joint applied research project InterOP, focused on solving interference issues of modern wireless communication systems. The goal is to strengthen the position of the industry in the partner regions of Upper and Lower Austria, […]
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DeNeCor – Devices for NeuroControl and NeuroRehabilitation
Objectives Aging population will strongly increase the incidence of neurological conditions like Parkinson disease, epilepsy, stroke survivors and pain management leading to a strong augmentation of co-morbidity (the presence of one or more diseases in addition to a primary disease). Consequently there is an increase in diagnosing and treating patients already carrying active implanted medical […]
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Labelling of proteins with quantum dots and their sensing using microfluidic system
Using of fluorescent nanoparticles as probes for bioanalytical applications is highly promising, because fluorescence-based techniques are very sensitive. Quantum dots (QDs) seem to show the greatest promise as labels for tagging and imaging in biological systems owing to their impressive photostability, which allow long-term observations of biomolecules. The proposal project is aimed at research of […]
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New Nanostructured Sensing System for Infrared detection (NanoIR)
The bolometer-based imaging systems are very demanding devices and they have to be able to respond to extremely low amplitude of incoming heat energy. Numerous features are pushed near to perfection, such as IR absorption, thermal isolation, bolometer response time and read-out integrated circuit (ROIC). All of those parameters/components must be optimized as unit system. […]
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OPTIMEX – Optical Measurement of Explosions
The project OPTIMEX – Optical Measurement of Explosions builds upon previous activities of the Wireless Technologies team in the area of signal processing and optical communication. In the scope of this project, the team is mostly focusing on methods for processing of optical signals generated by explosions and on the development of devices to capture such […]
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Research and Development of Key Technologies for Multistatic Primary Radar as a Replacement of Primary Active Radars
The research team of the SIX Center has been invited to the research in project Research and Development of Key Technologies for Multistatic Primary Radar as a Replacement of Primary Active Radars by the company ERA, a.s. thank to the high expertise in the considered area, top level equipment and very good experience from previous cooperation […]
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Intelligent Infrastructure for Modern City
The project Intelligent Infrastructure for Modern City changes the street lights into universal electronic cells, that can be used for collection of traffic data, communication among moving objects and data centers, control of public transportation as well as private transport, increasing the safety in transport and in public areas. The applied research is focused on new […]
Hybrid Wireless Technology for Municipal Networks
The project Hybrid Wireless Technology for Municipal Networks is oriented in the research and development of communication techniques for municipal network wireless links and their implementation in a commercially usable system. The resulting device, combining advantages of radio and optical communication in free space, will be made up from three components: data concetrator, radio link and […]
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Optical Atmospheric Propagation Modeling
The project Optical Atmospheric Propagation Modeling is focused on studying the atmospheric transmission environment in optical spectrum domain considering the optimal shape of laser beam to minimize the negative impacts of atmosphere.
Testing JIG for 0805-6 SMD
Project  for company AVX Czech Republic Ltd. was focused on design of desired testing preparation to 16.5GHz. Testing jig is dedicated for surface mount devices parameter verification on the leadless case 0805-6. Testing is focused on measuring of S parameters of the duplexers.
Antennas for positioning, Data fusion algorithms
The project was focused on the research into systems for positioning of cars. Firstly, UWB antennas were designed to be integrated into a roof unit under an antenna fin and key unit. Antennas verified by complex computer experiments was fabricated as a prototype and analyzed. Another part was focused on TDOA/ranging algorithms and technology background […]
New Technologies for Microwave Links
The project deals with the development of a complete series of radio relay links operating in the 4.4 to 5.0 GHz, 38 GHz and 75/85 GHz frequency bands. In the prototypes of radio relay links operating at 4.4 to 5.0 GHz and at 38 GHz, novel technologies increasing the capacity and the optimality of operation […]
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Millimeter-wave electromagnetic structures for biomedical research
Technological development in the area of novel electromagnetic systems operating in higher frequency bands opens up questions related to the influence of electromagnetic fields on biological tissues. Existing studies show that waves in the emerging frequency bands can cause not only the heating of the tissue but can also initiate changes in the cell structure. […]
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Antennas for Ambient Assisted Living
The proposed project is focused on the research of electromagnetic structures for the systems of ambient assisted living. Due to the aging of the European population, this kind of applications plays more and more important role. Development of special materials enables creation of wearable antennas, implantable antennas, antennas operating in emerging frequency bands. Both the […]
Adaptive Wireless Sensor Networks with Data Visualization for Crises Management
Project mission: The main objective of the project FR-TI2/571–Adaptive Wireless Sensor Networks with Data Visualization for Crises Management (further only AWSN) launched in half of 2010 in cooperation with the ’Satturn Holesov spol. s.r.o.’ company is to develop the adaptive wireless sensor system for the urban crises management. The word Adaptive in the title means that the wireless sensor system should […]
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Low-temperature 5 kW alkaline fuel cell for stationary applications
The proposed project deals with to develop and manufacture of a prototype of a low-temperature 5 kW alkaline fuel cell (AFC) for stationary applications. A part of design is controling and safedy devices.
MAS – Nanoelectronics for Mobile Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) Systems
The objective of MAS is to develop a common communication platform and nanoelectronics circuits for health and wellness applications to support the development of flexible, robust, safe and inexpensive mobile AAL systems, to improve the quality of human life and improve the well-being of people. In this context, reference architectures will be defined in order […]
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Quality of Experience Aspects of Broadcast and Broadband Multimedia Services
The project Quality of Experience Aspects of Broadcast and Broadband Multimedia Services is focused on research in the area of video quality assessment for digital TV broadcasting and broadband multimedia services. The project is oriented in analysis and modeling of current and perspective tools for coding and transmission of image and video content, with the […]
LTE Link Level Simulator for Uplink
The project LTE Link Level Simulator for Uplink is oriented in development of a simulation tool for the uplink part of the LTE communication system. The simulator is developed in Matlab environment, enabling fast implementation and verification of signal processing algorithms with respect to the LTE system. This is enabled by object oriented programming and […]
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Assessment of Quality of Experience in mobile web service
The research project concerning assessment of quality of experience in mobile data network in different represenative scenarios brings a complex view of the subjective perception of the service and the chosen key performance indicators (KPI). The first step to reach this goal is design of representative scenarios for web and ftp services. Following is the […]