The SIX Research Center was established in August 2010 by the Department of Radio Electronics, Department of Telecommunication, Department of Microelectronics, and Department of Physics of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication, Brno University of Technology. The annual research budget of those departments has been about EUR 6 million. This budget gradually passes to the SIX Research Center.

History of the SIX Center starts in 1998 when the research teams prepared the research plan MSM 262200011 “Research of electronics communication systems and technologies” (1999 to 2004). Since the research performed in frame of this research plan was very successful, the same research teams formulated the following research plan MSM 0021630513 “Advanced electronic communication systems and technologies” (2005 to 2011). The SIX Research center can be considered as a continuation of this long-term cooperation among departments of a similar specialization at Brno University of Technology.

Development of the SIX Center was divided into three phases:

1. The period of implementation was planned for the years 2010 to 2012. In this period, we employed members of the implementation team of the SIX Center only. The implementation team prepared laboratories of the SIX Center for a full research. In this period, the operation of the SIX Center was financed from the start-up grant only.

2. The period of testing operation was planned for the year 2013. During the testing operation, research teams exploited fully equipped laboratories of the SIX Center. The testing operation was dominantly financed from the start-up grant, but the research teams obtained an additional financing from independent sources also.

3. The period of full operation starts in 2014. In this period, self-financing of the SIX research Center from grants and research contracts is expected.