Ing. Jiří Kouřil

The SIX Research Centre has been established as an organizational unit of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication, Brno University of Technology. This setting determines the organizational structure of the Centre.

The Management of the Centre is the core coordination part, realized by the Director and Vice-Director(s) in cooperation with the SIX Council. The Director is responsible for the complex coordination and organization of the activities of the Centre, while the Council as a collective body of the Centre takes the strategic decisions and determines the aims in further development of SIX.

The Scientific Advisory Board is an independent assessor of the research scope of all the programmes of the SIX Centre and assures that the research directions are in line with the world’s research trends.

The actual research, development and innovation are carried out in the five research programmes of the SIX Centre. Each programme has its specific expertise and research direction. Altogether, the programmes unite to offer a complex research scope in sensor, information and communication systems.