Spectrum analyzer

TypeRohde&Schwarz FSUP50
ClassVector Network Analyzer / Spectrum Analyzer
Responsibledoc. Ing. Jaroslav LÁČÍK, Ph.D.

Spectrum analyzer Rohde&Schwarz FSUP50 has input frequency range starting from 20 Hz to 110 GHz. Analyzer itself offers continuous range up to 50 GHz. Additional external measuring heads are required for ranges 50-75 GHz and 75-110 GHz. Signal parameters up to 110 GHz are measured with high dynamic range. Among the others, the analyzer enables measuring of phase noise of oscillator, noise factor, circuit gain and properties of modulated signals.
Due to its high frequency stability and high input sensitivity, spectrum analyzer can be used as a sensitive receiver e.g. for testing of the materials with frequency selective surface. Another example is the measurement and characterization of active microwave circuits. Their non-linear behavior can be captured precisely by measuring the spectra of the output signals in a wide frequency range. Spectrum analyzer allows automatically manage the generator via GPIB bus and made the experiment much easier.