Blade server

TypePowerEdge M610 (CPU)
Responsibledoc. Ing. Jaroslav LÁČÍK, Ph.D.

Blade server is a computational server which is formed by fifteen computational units (CPU) of type PowerEdge M610. Each CPU contains two six-core processors Intel Xeon at 3,06 GHz with 96 GB of RAM. Computational units can be put into a clusters. Combined computational power and memory allow to solve much more difficult tasks covering areas of physical modelling and signal processing.
The server is used to simulate of various physical phenomena and optimization tasks in the area of electromagnetism. Next form of the usage is numerical analysis of electromagnetic structures (antennas, transmission lines, circuits with distributed parameters) in both the commercial and in-house software. Numerical models form first step of the design process of the electromagnetic components. Suitable designs are realized and validated in Antenna laboratory and Microwave laboratory. Both of them are belonging to the program of the Microwave Technologies of the SIX center.