Set of intelligent AC and DC power supplies/analyzers

Responsibleprof. Ing. Kamil VRBA, CSc.

Set of intelligent AC and DC power supplies/analyzers

The set contains specialised laboratory power supplies/analyzers, which can monitor behavior of electronic components and devices powered by direct or alternating current. The set is comprised of four standalone instruments, each of which is suitable for different area of application.

1. Agilent N6705B 4-channel modular DC power supply and analyzer

Agilent N6705B analyzer combines 4 programmable DC power supplies, 4-channel synchronous arbitrary waveform generator and a digital oscilloscope which displays real output voltage and current waveforms. All 4 power supplies have the form of interchangeable modules, thus the output currents and voltages can be changed in very wide range (0 to 150 V, 0 to 20 A). Moreover, the modules can be connected both in series and in parallel. The internal generator allows the supplies to simulate various types of noise, brown-outs or powerup sequences on all output voltages.

2. Agilent B2902A 2-channel Source-Measure unit (SMU)

This instrument can generate accurate voltages and currents in wide range an also measure these quantitites with 5 1/2-digit precision. It can behave as both power supply and electronic load regardless of the quantities’ polarity (it can operate in all four quadrants). Thus in essence, it combines 8 instruments – 2 current supplies, 2 voltage supplies, 2 microvoltmeters and 2 picoammeters. In addition to purely DC regime, it can also pulse the output quantities, which is typically employed to reduce power dissipation of the device under test.

3. Agilent 6813B AC power supply and analyzer

This instrument is designed for comprehensive testing of aplliances and devices powered by single-phase alternating (mains) voltage. Its output voltage can be varied from 0 to 300 Vef, the maximum allowable load is 1750 VA. Output frequency can be varied from 45 to 1000 Hz. The instruments thus can emulate all existing mains networks voltages worldwide, including some special ones (such as 115 V/400 Hz used in aerospace industry). The instrument can simulate all common deviations found in mains network, so it can be used for testing of newly developed appliances before expensive (and potentially unsuccessful) official compliance tests. Stanardized tests pre-defined in 6813B include:

-Overvoltage and undervoltage simulation,
-1 to N period outages (“swells”) simulation,
-simulation of output voltage deformation by higher harmonics,
-inrush current measurement.

Thanks to its external power probe (option 020), the analyzer can also measure

-efficiency of DC power supplies (both classical and switch-mode),
-efficiency of AC power supplies (typically transformers),
-reactions of AC and DC power supply output voltage to input mains voltage deviations,
-effectivity of mains filters,
-reaction time of uninterruptible power supplies.

4. Agilent 6035A programmable DC power supply 0 to 500 V, 1050 W

The power supply has these parameters:

-Output voltage range of 0 to 500 V,
-output current range of 0 to 5 A,
-maximum output power of 1050 W,
-voltage programming resolution of 0,125 V,
-current programming resolution of 1,25 mA,
-deviation of output voltage in the entire load range max. 0.03%,
-output voltage ripple max. 160 mVpp.