3D scanner set

TypeArtec MHT 30; Handyscan3D EXAscan
Responsibleprof. Ing. Zdeněk SMÉKAL, CSc.

A scanner set for the 3D shape digitization starting from high details in a high resolution mode and ending with the scanning of the large objects with low-detail requirements including the color texture acquisition.
The Artec MHT is working on the principle of reference light pattern flashing to the object being scanned and simultaneous camera recording. Using the software the 3D object shape can be calculated based on the reference pattern deformations. This scanner doesn’t need any reference markers placed manually in the scanned scene and its using is very fast and relatively simple. Moreover, this scanner can capture the color texture and can work in the video mode for capturing the 3D color data in motion. The color is captured in the resolution up to 24 bit/pixel which is the output color information with the quality of the standard video camera output.
The EXAscan is based on the laser technology and provides scanning with high resolution and accuracy. It consists of two standard cameras and one additional camera. The third camera enables to capture a small 3D objects with complicated-shape in the high resolution (up to 0,05 mm in the Z-axis). The capturing using this scanner requires a placement of reference markers to the scene being scanned (best directly on the object being scanned).
Both scanners are equipped by the compatible software tools and drivers for communication between the scanner and computer. Using this equipment is possible to perform both basic and advanced editing of acquired 3D model. This scanner set enables the creation of accurate reference shape models of both small and large objects for solution of a wide spectrum of research problems being solved in the laboratory.