3D printer

TypeZPrinter 650
Responsibleprof. Ing. Kamil VRBA, CSc.

Almost every electronic device has to be enclosed inside a suitable housing which usually has an important aesthetic aspect as well. Even though the housing is predominantly a mechanical part, it is an inseparable component of any new electronic product design. The large-format color 3D printer ZPrinter 650 can produce such mechanical parts quickly, cheaply and effectively. Moreover, in employs the only 3D print technology which can create full color description, graphical motives etc. on the surface of the printed objects. The need for lengthy and expensive production of plastic injection molds or screen printing stencils is thus eliminated. It is also possible to print moving mechanical parts like cogwheels, knobs or drawbars for control elements etc. The printer can be of course used to print artistic or architectonic designs as well.

Some of ZPrinter 650’s important parameters include:
– Printed object dimensions up to 250 x 380 x 200 mm.
– Horizontal resolution (X and Y axes) of 0.05 mm, vertical resolution (Z axis) of 0.1 mm.
– 390000 colors including deep black and crystal white.
– Tensile strength of printed objects approximately 16 MPa.
– The printed objects can be further worked by almost all common methods.
– The printed objects can be impregnated by a wide range of glues, waxes and similar inflitrants and thus affect their mechanical properties and surface finish.
– Supports printing form STL, VRML, PLY and 3DS file formats.
– A special software allows to print large objects as separate parts and then assemble them together via mechanical interlocks.
– The price of printing for external customers is 17 CZK (0.7 EUR) per cm3 of the object.