Wireless Technologies


InterOP-Interoperability of Heterogenous Radio Systems
On January 1, 2018, TU Wien, Brno University of Technology, and the University of Applied Sciences of Upper Austria started a joint applied research project InterOP, focused on solving interference issues of modern wireless communication systems. The goal is to strengthen the position of the industry in the partner regions of Upper and Lower Austria, […]
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OPTIMEX – Optical Measurement of Explosions
The project OPTIMEX – Optical Measurement of Explosions builds upon previous activities of the Wireless Technologies team in the area of signal processing and optical communication. In the scope of this project, the team is mostly focusing on methods for processing of optical signals generated by explosions and on the development of devices to capture such […]
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Research and Development of Key Technologies for Multistatic Primary Radar as a Replacement of Primary Active Radars
The research team of the SIX Center has been invited to the research in project Research and Development of Key Technologies for Multistatic Primary Radar as a Replacement of Primary Active Radars by the company ERA, a.s. thank to the high expertise in the considered area, top level equipment and very good experience from previous cooperation […]
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Intelligent Infrastructure for Modern City
The project Intelligent Infrastructure for Modern City changes the street lights into universal electronic cells, that can be used for collection of traffic data, communication among moving objects and data centers, control of public transportation as well as private transport, increasing the safety in transport and in public areas. The applied research is focused on new […]
Hybrid Wireless Technology for Municipal Networks
The project Hybrid Wireless Technology for Municipal Networks is oriented in the research and development of communication techniques for municipal network wireless links and their implementation in a commercially usable system. The resulting device, combining advantages of radio and optical communication in free space, will be made up from three components: data concetrator, radio link and […]
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Optical Atmospheric Propagation Modeling
The project Optical Atmospheric Propagation Modeling is focused on studying the atmospheric transmission environment in optical spectrum domain considering the optimal shape of laser beam to minimize the negative impacts of atmosphere.
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Quality of Experience Aspects of Broadcast and Broadband Multimedia Services
The project Quality of Experience Aspects of Broadcast and Broadband Multimedia Services is focused on research in the area of video quality assessment for digital TV broadcasting and broadband multimedia services. The project is oriented in analysis and modeling of current and perspective tools for coding and transmission of image and video content, with the […]
LTE Link Level Simulator for Uplink
The project LTE Link Level Simulator for Uplink is oriented in development of a simulation tool for the uplink part of the LTE communication system. The simulator is developed in Matlab environment, enabling fast implementation and verification of signal processing algorithms with respect to the LTE system. This is enabled by object oriented programming and […]
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Assessment of Quality of Experience in mobile web service
The research project concerning assessment of quality of experience in mobile data network in different represenative scenarios brings a complex view of the subjective perception of the service and the chosen key performance indicators (KPI). The first step to reach this goal is design of representative scenarios for web and ftp services. Following is the […]