Sensor Systems


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DeNeCor – Devices for NeuroControl and NeuroRehabilitation
Objectives Aging population will strongly increase the incidence of neurological conditions like Parkinson disease, epilepsy, stroke survivors and pain management leading to a strong augmentation of co-morbidity (the presence of one or more diseases in addition to a primary disease). Consequently there is an increase in diagnosing and treating patients already carrying active implanted medical […]
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Labelling of proteins with quantum dots and their sensing using microfluidic system
Using of fluorescent nanoparticles as probes for bioanalytical applications is highly promising, because fluorescence-based techniques are very sensitive. Quantum dots (QDs) seem to show the greatest promise as labels for tagging and imaging in biological systems owing to their impressive photostability, which allow long-term observations of biomolecules. The proposal project is aimed at research of […]
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New Nanostructured Sensing System for Infrared detection (NanoIR)
The bolometer-based imaging systems are very demanding devices and they have to be able to respond to extremely low amplitude of incoming heat energy. Numerous features are pushed near to perfection, such as IR absorption, thermal isolation, bolometer response time and read-out integrated circuit (ROIC). All of those parameters/components must be optimized as unit system. […]
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Low-temperature 5 kW alkaline fuel cell for stationary applications
The proposed project deals with to develop and manufacture of a prototype of a low-temperature 5 kW alkaline fuel cell (AFC) for stationary applications. A part of design is controling and safedy devices.
MAS – Nanoelectronics for Mobile Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) Systems
The objective of MAS is to develop a common communication platform and nanoelectronics circuits for health and wellness applications to support the development of flexible, robust, safe and inexpensive mobile AAL systems, to improve the quality of human life and improve the well-being of people. In this context, reference architectures will be defined in order […]