Microwave Technologies


Testing JIG for 0805-6 SMD
Project  for company AVX Czech Republic Ltd. was focused on design of desired testing preparation to 16.5GHz. Testing jig is dedicated for surface mount devices parameter verification on the leadless case 0805-6. Testing is focused on measuring of S parameters of the duplexers.
Antennas for positioning, Data fusion algorithms
The project was focused on the research into systems for positioning of cars. Firstly, UWB antennas were designed to be integrated into a roof unit under an antenna fin and key unit. Antennas verified by complex computer experiments was fabricated as a prototype and analyzed. Another part was focused on TDOA/ranging algorithms and technology background […]
New Technologies for Microwave Links
The project deals with the development of a complete series of radio relay links operating in the 4.4 to 5.0 GHz, 38 GHz and 75/85 GHz frequency bands. In the prototypes of radio relay links operating at 4.4 to 5.0 GHz and at 38 GHz, novel technologies increasing the capacity and the optimality of operation […]
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Millimeter-wave electromagnetic structures for biomedical research
Technological development in the area of novel electromagnetic systems operating in higher frequency bands opens up questions related to the influence of electromagnetic fields on biological tissues. Existing studies show that waves in the emerging frequency bands can cause not only the heating of the tissue but can also initiate changes in the cell structure. […]
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Antennas for Ambient Assisted Living
The proposed project is focused on the research of electromagnetic structures for the systems of ambient assisted living. Due to the aging of the European population, this kind of applications plays more and more important role. Development of special materials enables creation of wearable antennas, implantable antennas, antennas operating in emerging frequency bands. Both the […]