Microwave Technologies

Microwave Technologies

Prof. Miroslav Kasal (head)
Dr. Jan Puskely (vice-head)

Vision and mission:

Microwave Technologies deals with the solution of physical problems of the propagation of electromagnetic waves in the frequency bands of (sub)millimeter waves, conducts research into antennas and circuits that are needed for the processing of high-frequency signals. Investigating the biological effects of the operation of wireless communications and exploiting the knowledge of electromagnetic field properties in biomedical applications are also a part of the research.

Areas of expertise:

Numerical modelling and optimization

We have experience in numerical modelling and optimization of microwave components of a wireless communication system, using commercial programs (ANSOFT, COMSOL, FEKO, CST) and in-house programs (method of integral equations,finite-element method).We have used in addition to conventional methods original multi-objective global optimization approachesfor optimizing themicrowave antennas, filters and circuits.

We have developed also numerical models and methods for virtual certification ofvarious objects (small airplanes, electrically driven cars, etc.) fromthe viewpoint of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). We have exploited artificial intelligence (artificial neural networks) for the solutionof the EMC.

Antenna systems

We have extensive experiencesin development of planar, wire and semiconductor antennas.Areas of antennaresearchare focused on automotive applications, radio-frequency identification(RFID) systems, DVB-T broadcasting systems, on body communication systems and special communication services. We also focus on development ofspecial antennas for frequency bands of 60 GHz, 71 to 76 GHz, 81 to 86 GHz, and 92 to 95 GHz and modelling of their communication links.

Passive and active microwave circuits

We are experienced in design and development of microwavefilters, amplifiers, couplers and other RF components. Research in this area includes among others development of special periodic structures with electromagnetic band gap,artificial magnetic conductors, meta-material structures and structures based on substrate integrated waveguides.

Besides the design of microwave components for satellite systems we have developed also applications for them.


We are equipped and qualified to measure the most important characteristics (radiation and scattering parameters) of microwave structures. Our equipment allow us to perform the measurements up to 110 GHz.

Apart from the standard measurement,we have extensive experience in pre-compliance EMC testing specified by norm CISPR 16. Thanks to our equipment we are able to measure radiated and conducted emissions, test radiated and conducted immunity, test immunity of DUT for fast transient burst, surge and electrostatic discharge or perform low frequency tests as mains dips or dropouts.