Converged Systems

Converged Systems

doc. Ing. Jiri Misurec, CSc. (head)
Dr. Jaroslav Koton (vice-head)

Vision and mission:

The program of converged systems concentrates on the convergence of telecommunication systems and information systems in a whole spectrum of problems. The research is closely connected to the research outputs of the program of wireless technologies; outputs of the program of converged systems are here converted and processed by highly sophisticated methods. The program develops devices and protocols for a quick and secure hyper­media data transmission, researches data processing and archiving methods, and proposes novel services. The program implements outputs of the research of the program of multimedia systems into converged systems; attention is turned to speech processing techniques and image processing methods. The program deals with research into telecommunication circuitry for signal processing at intermediate frequencies, and with the processing of mixed signals.

Areas of expertise:

Communication, information and telemetric systems

Regarding the system security, we have been involved in the projects dealing with the design and implementation of solution of cryptographic security in data networks, communication and information systems, security of data and electronic archives, access control solutions. Next tasks presented the design and implementation of Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) systems, analysis and design of cryptographic protocols, design of anonymous authentication systems. Regarding the testing, we have performed the following tasks: i) Custom testing of ADSL and VDSL modems and DSL access multiplexers, testing of triple-play services, ii) Testing of network security, efficiency and throughput for applications which communicate using layers L4 to L7, iii) Testing based on databases of security threats (CVE, CCE, CPE, CVSS, XCCDF, OVAL…).

Network technologies and applications

We are experienced in evaluation of the behavior of new algorithms and protocols for data networks, using the OPNET Modeler simulation environment as well as monitoring and analyzing the data network traffic. We have also worked on several projects dealing with the design of optical networks, utilization of optical networks in industrial applications, measurement and monitoring of optical networks. In accordance with customers’ requirements, we design and perform load and functional tests for newly developed network applications. We are also well experienced in real-time filtering and analysis of the full duplex data stream up to 10 Gbps in IP networks. Development of custom-made systems for the detection of cyber-attacks on the network was also one of the topics of our projects together with the identification of specific data streams and their modification.

FPGA networking

Design of software and development of hardware-accelerated network elements which are built on FPGA and can work in the full duplex mode up to a bit rate of 10 Gbps, e.g. new algorithms for routing and switching in active network elements.

IP telephony and multimedia applications

We have completed several projects focused on the design and implementation of the hardware and software of subscriber terminals (telephones and others). Next experience covers design and implementation of hardware and software for telephone exchange soft-switches, VoIP and media gateways, special equipment of telephone exchanges in call centers,  testers for the manufacturers of telecommunication devices, implementation of load tests of telecommunication systems, design and implementation of telecommunication system protection, testing of the resistance of soft-switches to cyber-attacks. We offer custom development of network multimedia applications for various target platforms.


Specialized instruments, devices and electronic circuits

We are specialists in development of unique electronic measurement instruments, development of  devices for medicine, transfer of data from medical devices, and data processing. Thanks to our experience we can offer the exclusive technological background for the development and manufacture of devices offered to commercial subjects such as: i) Optical, X-ray and infrared analyses of printed circuit boards with mounted devices and of larger functional blocks. Detection of all common defects using manual, semiautomatic and fully automatic methods of processing object images, ii) Visualization of radiated electromagnetic and thermal fields of electronic circuits on printed boards – intensity and position measurement of the source of radiation, which is suitable for ensuring electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and iii) Testing of temperature and (common or even extreme) climatic effects on products, using the climatic chamber.