Measuring system

Measuring system for vibration diagnostics of mold

AuthorsMajzner, J., Grmela, L., Sedlák, P., Tofel, P.
FundingFR-TI-2/536 Research and development progressive instruments for innovation surface quality of cast billets, bars and wires
Responsibleprof. Ing. Radimír VRBA, CSc.

There is a connection between mold vibration and surface quality of billets. We have designed measuring system for evaluating correlation between the surface defects and the occurrence of non-linearities in the time-frequency vibrations in mold. For elimination the influence of a warm and humid environment there is a sensorial part inserted into the steel casing. Signals are fed to the input of the 12 b AD converter, which records the data on a computer disk for post-processing. This system includes software that controls the digitization process. This software allows instant preview of the level of the vibration energy in the time-frequency domain, which is calculated using Fast Fourier transform algorithm.