LTE uplink control information simulator

AuthorsMILOŠ, J., HANUS, S.
FundingLD11081 Systems of Wireless Internet Communication SYWIC, ED2.1.00/03.0072 Centrum senzorických, informačních a komunikačních systémů (SIX)
Responsibleprof. Ing. Stanislav HANUS, CSc.

The developed simulator is intended for simulation of the control information transmission in the LTE uplink standard, Release 8. The simulator demonstrates robustness of control information transmitted via PUSCH or PUCCH LTE uplink physical channels in various channel conditions and system settings according to 3GPP requirements. The simulated control information are Channel Quality Indicator/Precoding Matrix Indicator, Rank Indicator and the Hybrid-ARQ Indicator. The simulator allows a wide range of possible system settings, like a SNR, number of receiving antennas, used channel model (AWGN or fading channel models), system bandwidth, etc. The evaluation parameters of the performance analysis are Bit or Block Error Rate. The simulator is based on MATLAB environment and is controlled in the command mode.