Low noise multiplexer

Low noise multiplexer for helium cryostat

AuthorsChvátal, M., Majzner, J., Grmela, L.
FundingHS18257046 SCI-CRYo Data Extraction
Responsibleprof. Ing. Radimír VRBA, CSc.

We have designed measuring system for measurement optimization of the characteristics of submicron MOSFETs with different channel dimensions and resistors on helium cryostat in a wide temperature range from 50 to 300 K. Helium cryostat allows not only to connect input and output control connectors but also four coaxial connectors for measuring electrical quantities. Temperature stabilization at a selected temperature takes about three hours. When using a low noise multiplexer with implemented bistable relay located inside the cryostat and control unit controlled by a personal computer, it is possible to simultaneously measure up to 7 samples.