GNSS receiver

GNSS receiver with CAN interface

AuthorsŠebesta, J., Dušek, M.
FundingHS18257004 – GNSS přijímač s CAN rozhraním
Responsibleprof. Ing. Stanislav HANUS, CSc.

This project, in which this prototype has been realized, is focused on the analysis of possible ways to address GNSS receiver unit integrated into the roof of the car with the transmission of navigation  data using CAN bus. The roof GNSS unit is based on the common OEM GNSS receiver module with standard NMEA 0183 protocol. The heart of the roof unit is a microcontroller ensuring proper configuration of the GNSS module and conversion of NMEA 0183 navigation messages to proprietary protocol for distribution navigation information to the main navigation unit or other systems via CAN bus. As the GNSS OEM module IT600 manufactured by company FASTRAX is used. The core of IT600 module uses STA8088EX controller based on ARM9 from STM (TESEO II) supporting a multi-constellation positioning (32 channels: GPS, Galileo, Glonass and QZSS). The GNSS module is initialized by micro-controller MCU Freescale MC9S08DZ to send the selected navigation messages in a standardized format NMEA 0183. Microcontroller converts the NMEA messages on the proprietary CAN data format according to ISO 11898 for CAN packets with the structure of the recommendations and reports via the CAN driver (transmitter). CAN navigation messages can be distributed to any unit connected to CAN bus. The navigation monitor shown in the figure is used as a demonstrator. This unit selects the navigation messages that are sent over the CAN bus and converts them back to serial NMEA format. Output for navigation unit is defined in standard RS232. Development of this prototype has been supported by company Skoda Auto a.s.