Control, executive and support software for low-noise variable gain amplifier

AuthorsJosef Sobotka, Jan Jeřábek, Jaroslav Koton, Kamil Vrba, Ivan Koudar
FundingFEKT-S-11-15 - Výzkum elektronických komunikačních systémů ED.2.1.00/03.0072 - Centrum senzorických, informačních a komunikačních systémů (SIX) GA14-24186P – Výzkum elektronicky nastavitelných pokročilých aktivních prvků pro obvodovou syntézu (2014-2016, GAČR/POSTDOC)
Responsibleprof. Ing. Kamil VRBA, CSc.

Based on the cooperation with ON Semiconductor company, a software has been developed, that mainly enables to control the setting of the low-noise variable gain amplifier (LNVGA). Using this software, it is enabled do to operate the active element as an basic low-noise variable gain amplifier (VGA), balanced transconductance amplifier (BOTA), balanced transimpedance amplifier (BTIA), or fully differential input/output amplifier (FDCA), whereas also the gain can be adjusted in 8 discrete steps. The software communicates with the programmer (FTDI and Atmel) via USB bus, whereas the communication between the software and the setting module is made by means of parallel path. The source code of the software was made in C# programming language.