ERA a.s.

Era a.s. is the pioneer and world leader in next-generation surveillance and flight tracking solutions with proven multilateration and ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast) technologies. Era’s unrivalled technological history dates back to 1963, when the founders began developing passive surveillance systems in Tesla Pardubice in the Czech Republic. The founders established their own company, ERA, in 1994 to manufacture and supply Czech Army, ATC authorities and other customers with professional electronic equipment, specifically using active and passive radar techniques. The company began using multilateration for civil applications in 1995, and made ATC history when they deployed the world’s first surface and wide area multilateration applications. Today’s Era is the product of the 2006 merger between two industry pioneers – ERA and Rannoch. Today, Era is a strategic business unit of SRA International, Inc., and is the world’s leading provider of multilateration and ADS-B technology with installation in more over 135 countries.

Era is offering three main products to customers. MSS by Era uses proven multilateration (MLAT) and automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) technologies to deliver high-performance surveillance solutions for surface movement, terminal area and wide area en route control applications. MSS provides a highly reliable, solution to any secondary surveillance requirement. MSS by Era provides real-time location and identification of all aircraft, vehicles and other objects equipped with a Mode A/C/S transponder. The system also decodes ADS-B signals and can be configured as a stand-alone network of redundant ADS-B ground stations. Era’s unique ability to combine distributed and central timing architecture enables us to meet the requirements of any surveillance solution, from the most complex airport surface to the most remote en route region. Squid by Era improves airport safety by broadcasting the exact position of ground vehicles using an ADS-B transponder and is essential addition to any Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS). Today’s military users need a solution to support strategic and tactical surveillance for cooperative and non-cooperative targets. Vera by Era offers the next generation in Passive ESM (Electronic Support Measures) Tracking (PET) technology. Its flexible network architecture delivers unparalleled performance, mobility and automation for high-precision defense surveillance missions.

Era is also known due to its R&D activities. Every product is preceded by long term development in area of HW and SW. This effort is brings Era the highest position in area on next generation surveillance. Let us mention at least basic HW developments like new antenna units, new means of signal transport, new receiving units, and precise time synchronization. From SW objectives it can be real time signal processing on FPGAs or PC/GPUs, signal processing algorithms, new mathematical methods, communication protocols, GUIs and ELINT systems. Between nowadays R&D activities can be found development of new ATC receiver, Passive Coherent Location system and new siting SW. Era a.s. is committed to meeting customer requirements and expectations regarding the quality of all products and services it offers and cooperate with regulators (UCL, Eurocontrol, FAA) and national Air Traffic Management providers.

SIX center cooperation

Prime cooperation initiatives were assessed with DREL FEEC (SIX participant) in 2009 with 9 channel digitizer design as a part of Passive Coherent Location system. Experts from Era also support several R&D doctoral works at DREL from area of radar signal processing.


CompanyERA a.s.
AddressPrůmyslová 387, 530 03 Pardubice, Czech Republic

Contact person

NameVojtěch Stejskal
Phone+420 777 579 606
ProfileVojtěch Stejskal (1980) is chief scientist of Advanced Projects department in ERA a.s. which initiates new R&D projects aimed on modern surveillance systems: multilateration (MLAT), systems based on coherent location principles (PCL, MSPSR), modern ATC systems (ADS-B, UAT, A-SMGSC) and ELINT. He is focused on new methods of radar signal processing, their design, software implementation and analysis. He is involved in whole project live cycle from idea to prototype. He graduated at FEEC BUT where he obtained also Ph.D. from area of signal processing. He passed several interships.