Rework machine

TypeErsa IR/PL 650 SMT
Responsibleprof. Ing. Kamil VRBA, CSc.

Ersa IR/PL 650 professional SMT rework machine allows placement, soldering and rework of even the highest-density printed circuit boards. Soldered board heating is accomplished by 5-zone bottom heater and 4-zone infrared top heating head with adjustable irradiated area size. The soldering profiles are fully programmable; their precise following is ensured by feedback (measurement of real temperature) in up to 5 points on the board simultaneously. The reflow process can be watched in real time with a high-magnification video camera. Manipulation and precise placement of larger components (BGA, TQPF, QFN etc.) is done with the help of pick-and-place arm with split-optic positioning system. Important parameters of the rework machine include:

– Reworked board dimensions: up to 560 x 460 mm.
– Board movement: manual in horizonal X-Y table, laser targeting of soldered component.
– Bottom heater: infrared, 5 zones, up to 3200 W of thermal power.
– Top soldering head: infrared, 4 zones, up to 1600 W of thermal power.
– Real board temperature sensors: 1 infrared, 4 thermocouples.
– Component removal tweezers: vacuum, integrated in soldering head, semi-automatic operation.
– Reflow process inspection camera: 3,2 Mpixel, up to 300x zoom (25x optical, 12x digital), integrated light source, automatic and manual focus, mounted on a mechanical arm for easy set up.
– Pick-and-place arm: component-vs-board accuracy of up to 0,01 mm, pre-defined placement pressure (2 to 3 N), automated pick and release of component from its vacuum tweezers.