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New Nanostructured Sensing System for Infrared detection (NanoIR)

Date from1-Apr-2013
Date to31-Dec-2015
Responsibleprof. Ing. Radimír VRBA, CSc.

The bolometer-based imaging systems are very demanding devices and they have to be able to respond to extremely low amplitude of incoming heat energy. Numerous features are pushed near to perfection, such as IR absorption, thermal isolation, bolometer response time and read-out integrated circuit (ROIC). All of those parameters/components must be optimized as unit system. Due to the reason the project deals with utilization new materials with high IR absorption and techniques of their preparation compatible with IC fabrication. The issue of compatibility is really a challenge because for synthesis of nanostructures as for instance carbon nanotubes is necessary high temperature above 500°C. Micromembrane of bolometer covered with nanostructures with IR absorption higher than 0,97 and technology for its covering is project output. Behind of technology part the ROIC systems will be study to design circuitry for fast signal reading, their compensation and processing. The systems will be fabricated on the chip for testing with help of program Europractice.


1. Research of nanostructured IR absorptive materials and developing technique of their synthesis compatible with IC technology

2. Design model, fabrication and test microbolometer with membrane with maximized utilization area (fill factor)

3. Study of the new ROIC based on sigma-delta modulator