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Labelling of proteins with quantum dots and their sensing using microfluidic system

Date from1-Apr-2013
Date to31-Dec-2015
FundingP102/ 13-20303P
Responsibleprof. Ing. Radimír VRBA, CSc.

Using of fluorescent nanoparticles as probes for bioanalytical applications is highly promising, because fluorescence-based techniques are very sensitive. Quantum dots (QDs) seem to show the greatest promise as labels for tagging and imaging in biological systems owing to their impressive photostability, which allow long-term observations of biomolecules. The proposal project is aimed at research of QDs and their application in microfluidic system and capillary electrophoresis for selective detection of proteins. Optimization of preparation conditions of various fluorescent QDs in aqueous solution will be achieved by novel approaches of synthesis in reflux condenser or in microwave reactor. In the next step, the synthesized QDs will be modified with biochemical agents due to their binding with proteins via two strategies, namely using biotin to provide biotinylated QDs which can be employed in specific labelling strategies or using QDs functionalization with antibodies.