Antennas for positioning, Data fusion algorithms

Date from1-Jan-2012
Date to31-Oct-2012
FundingVolkswagen AG
Responsibledoc. Ing. Jaroslav LÁČÍK, Ph.D.

The project was focused on the research into systems for positioning of cars. Firstly, UWB antennas were designed to be integrated into a roof unit under an antenna fin and key unit. Antennas verified by complex computer experiments was fabricated as a prototype and analyzed.

Another part was focused on TDOA/ranging algorithms and technology background for positioning techniques. A system model in MAT LAB using multipath channel and specifications of requirements on hardware based on three diversity antennas placed on car and key unit was done. The pivotal aims of this task were accuracy and reliability analyses on the supposition that communication standards 802.11 and sensors in the car and key unit will be applied.

Last task was focused on theoretical study and development of positioning algorithms based on fusion of data from car sensors and subsystems providing any information about car position or movement (non GNSS radio based localization systems, IMU (inertial measurement unit), electronic compass, ODO meter).