Internal workshops and lectures

The SIX center organizes two internal workshops focused on advanced measurement with the SIX equipment. The first one, focused on antenna radiation measurement, will take place on Friday, April 25th, while the second workshop, focused on oscilloscope and VNA measurement in analog and digital RF systems is planned for Monday, April 28th. Further, on Wednesday, May 28th, a lecturer from SIX is going to introduce the concept of software defined measurement to the high school students in Třebíč. Last but not least, on Tuesday, May 6th, the center co-organizes a workshop for research assistants of SIX and CVVOZE research centers, where the results of projects implemented by research assistants in SIX will be presented and evaluated.

All the workshops are supported by project CZ.1.07/2.3.00/35.0004. Invitations (in Czech) can be found below.