MAS – Nanoelectronics for Mobile Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) Systems

Date from2010-04-01
Date to2013-03-31
FundingENIAC JU 7H10021
Responsibleprof. Ing. Radimír VRBA, CSc.

The objective of MAS is to develop a common communication platform and nanoelectronics circuits for health and wellness applications to support the development of flexible, robust, safe and inexpensive mobile AAL systems, to improve the quality of human life and improve the well-being of people.

In this context, reference architectures will be defined in order to enable system development from devices to complete mobile AAL systems, and to enable cooperative clusters of such systems for specific environments and applications.
MAS focus on the development of an integrated approach for the areas of health monitoring and therapy support at home, and mobile health, wellness and fitness.  The systems are intended for remote patient supervision using multi parameter biosensors and secure communication networks, and health & wellness monitoring in the home environment. The mixed healthcare and consumer markets will be targeted with MAS-platform-based devices with five application demos: 
1: Health and Activity Monitor
2: Point of Care Terminal and Gateway
3: Cardiovascular Monitor
4: Diabetes Monitor
5: Mobile Cardiotocography.