Adaptive Wireless Sensor Networks with Data Visualization for Crises Management

Date from2010
Date to2013
Responsibleprof. Ing. Kamil VRBA, CSc.

Project mission:

The main objective of the project FR-TI2/571Adaptive Wireless Sensor Networks with Data Visualization for Crises Management (further only AWSN) launched in half of 2010 in cooperation with the ’Satturn Holesov spol. s.r.o.’ company is to develop the adaptive wireless sensor system for the urban crises management.

The word Adaptive in the title means that the wireless sensor system should be easily applicable to various crises scenarios in the cities such as the immediate water flood monitoring, air pollution monitoring, monitoring of the snow load on the roofs etc. The adaptivness of our system also offers the extensive over-the-air configuaration tasks. The users may arbitrary in real-time and over the air perform the following configuration tasks:

  • to turn on/off connected sensor inputs
  • to change the sensing interval of all analog and digital inputs
  • to adapt the thershold limits to the immediate needs
  • to adapt the interval, in which the report messages are transmitted
  • to add or remove the gateway from the network
  • to gather statistical information about the node state and running
  • and many more

“Our effort was to design the WSN system, which is as much adaptive to the individual requirements as possible”

Project outputs:

  • Developed wireless sensor devices based on Zigbee
  • Developed novel light-weight snow sensor for snow weight measurement
  • Developed new packet and channels analysers
  • Proposed new methodology for snow weight estimation
  • Visualization application based on the web-cloud services, see picture bellow.


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