sewage control

Control system for small sewage plants

AuthorsFedra, Z., Klozar, L. Štohanzl, M.
FundingHS18257030 - Analýza a vývoj GPRS komunikace pro dohledový systém malých čističek odpadních vod.
Responsibleprof. Ing. Stanislav HANUS, CSc.

The project deals with the use of Quectel GSM / GPRS module M10 for control and telemetry over the system of small wastewater treatment plants. At the Department of Radio Electronics the system architecture and the control software were developed. The control software involves procedures necessary to detect an incoming call, to set up the data connection (GPRS) with a TCP/IP server, to handle the communication, to store the data in a SQL database and to terminate the connection.