TESLA Holding a.s.

TESLA is a stable and rapidly developing company with a more than 80-year tradition. The trademark TESLA, which is known to the general public at home and in more than a hundred countries and is subject to trademark protection, was registered in 1946.

TESLA is a long-term partner on the global market in implementing investment projects by applying the latest telecommunications, water treatment and solar feeding technology. It is based in Prague where its management, research and development and radio relay equipments, antenna units and systems, water and wastewater treatment plants and photovoltaic systems production are located, too. Engineering production takes place on a modern production hall based on Mladá Vožice.

Cooperation between TESLA and UREL FEKT Brno Technical University was started in 2010 by project focused on development two groups of antenna systems both for microwave links and digital video broadcasting. This cooperation is continued in 2011 by project aimed on new technologies for microwave links.


CompanyTESLA Holding a.s.
AddressPoděbradská 56/186, 180 66 Praha 9 - Hloubětín, Czech Republic

Contact person

NameIng. Jan Bartyzal
Phone+420 266 107 796
ProfileJan Bartyzal is Research and Development director of TESLA Holding a.s. where is responsible for projects focused on communication technologies. He is responsible for all phases of projects both for subject and economic process. Emphasis is placed on digital video broadcasting antenna systems and technologies for radio-relay links.