RADANAL s.r.o.

The company RADANAL Ltd. is a small research&development organization focusing on the research and development of analytical methods allowing to observe the influence of the diet on human health, aging, physical and mental performance. Such kind of research necessitates a cooperation of scientists from the fields of medicine, pharmacy, food technology, analytical chemistry and toxicology. The company relies on its expertise in the areas of separation sciences and electrochemistry and also on its contacts with specialists in both theoretical and applied research in industry, agriculture, pharmacy and medicine. The RADANAL team are not only able to group various organizations into research teams that succesfully submit and solve projects, but they also systematically work in this area as the organizer of a well-established conference INDC (International Nutrition & Diagnostics Conference – www.indc.cz).

Since 1997, RADANAL Ltd. has co-operated with ESA (MA, USA) company, which is now part of Dionex (CA, USA), in the development of applications for analytical methods for determination of important bioactive compounds.

SIX center cooperation

The subject of our co-operation with SIX Center is the application of nanoporous sensors for detection and for study of redox reactions of bioactive compounds. We are attempting to improve the methods for tracing the metabolic pathways of natural antioxidants contained in food and of heterogenous substances with the aim to predict their metabolism and toxicity.


CompanyRADANAL s.r.o.
AddressOkružní 613, 530 03 Pardubice, Czech Republic

Contact person

NameAssoc. Prof. Ing. Ales Horna, CSc.
Phone+420 466 650 618
ProfileAles Horna (1955) works as an associate professor in the Polymer Center at Tomas Bata University in Zlin. In addition, he is a senior researcher in a small research&development company RADANAL Ltd. in Pardubice. Horna has graduated from physical organic chemistry under Professor Vecera (Ing. in 1980) and from chromatography under Professor Churacek (CSc. In 1984) at former Institute of Chemical Technology (now University of Pardubice). In the Research Institute for Synthetic Resins and Coating (today’s Synpo), he gained the experience in the areas of synthetic monomer and polymer analysis, including determination of residual monomers in technical products and in the environment. From 1987 to 1994 he studied explosives in the Research Institute of Industrial Chemistry, particularly he was interested in their detection and their determination at very low concentrations in the environment. In 1993, he became an official referee for chemistry with the specialization in environment contamination with organic pollutants in the air, water and soil. At the end of year 1993, he founded a small research&development company RADANAL Ltd. and since 1997 he has been researching the possibilities of the application of electrochemical detection combined with HPLC for the study of nutrition and clinical diagnostics. Since 2001, he has been organizing a yearly international conference INDC (Nutrition & Diagnostics Conference) which concentrates on the relationship between nutrition and clinically diagnosticable markers.