C-com Ltd.

C-com was established as a private company in 1994 to apply microwave filter design and ceramic material experience in communication systems. In 1998, C-com was acquired by Mikom GmbH, resp. Allen Telecom, since then focused on design of sophisticated passive selective filters and sub-systems, mainly for repeater systems and multiband combiners in communication bands, with some applications extended up to 18 GHz. C-com moved its headquarters to Pardubice-Svítkov in 2000 and grew to more than 70 employees. In July 2003, Allen Telecom was acquired by Andrew, and then Andrew & CommScope merger followed in December 2007. Finally, CommScope became a private company as a part of the Carlyle Group in January 2011.

C-com delivers its products mostly as a part of innovative and essential wireless communications equipment and solutions for the global telecommunications infrastructure market. CommScope is a leader in the area of infrastructure solutions for communication networks and brings wideband networks technology to the house door. With strong research and development support it connects technical experience, patented technologies and global production capacities to provide customers in more than 130 countries with top solutions. Andrew remained a trademark for wireless systems.

Every product development starts after new product specification is frozen. It gathers all electrical, mechanical and environmental requirements on the product. Respective R&D engineering follows starting with product synthesis, 3D-EM modeling analysis and performance optimization to meet all objectives, and building a few prototypes finally. To remain competitive most advanced technologies, cost effective innovations and highest quality standard have to be applied.

SIX center cooperation

Prime cooperation initiatives started with DREL FEEC (SIX participant) in 2006 in the area of microwave design. It followed during 2009-10 in the area of filter design by creating a library of automatic coaxial filter structure generation for further processing in CST Microwave Studio, and further implementation and automatization of Tuning-Space Mapping algorithm into CST MWS and Design Studio. C-com stands as a consultant of an R&D doctoral thesis at DREL from area of filter design and optimization.


CompanyC-com Ltd.
AddressU Moruší 888, 530 06 Pardubice-Svítkov, Czech Republic

Contact person

NameRoman Tkadlec
Phone+420 466 301 274
ProfileRoman Tkadlec (1978) is Senior R&D Engineer in C-com Ltd. that is engaged in development and manufacturing of passive selective components and sub-assemblies for communication systems mainly. He manages specific development projects from idea to prototype and is focused on 3D-EM modeling of microwave components and its design optimization. He graduated at FEEC BUT Brno where he obtained Ph.D. in radioelectronics also. He passed an intership at TUT Tampere in Finland in 2004.