Signal generator

TypeAgilent E8257D
Responsibledoc. Ing. Jaroslav LÁČÍK, Ph.D.

Signal generator Agilent E8257D has output frequency range starting from 20 Hz to 110 GHz. Analyzer itself offers continuous range up to 67 GHz. Additional external heads are required for ranges 50-75 GHz and 75-110 GHz. An advantage is the option to set output level of the generator starting just from -110dBm. Other advantages are high frequency stability, spectral purity of the signal and possibility of flexible modulation settings generated signal for many experiments.
Due to high output power over a wide frequency range and high frequency stability given by stable time base the generator is used as a source of excitation signal for testing of radiated immunity of the tested device (DUT). It can be also used for measurement and characterization of microwave multi-port objects (maximum six-port) and associated detectors. Thanks to software controlled frequency and power sweep the sensitivity of developed broadband microwave detectors can be measured, etc.