EMI Test Receiver

TypeRohde&Schwarz ESU
ClassOther Analyzer / Spectroscope
Responsibledoc. Ing. Jaroslav LÁČÍK, Ph.D.

Testing receiver Rohde&Schwarz ESU is supplemented by extensive measuring equipment. The frequency range is from 20Hz to 26.5GHZ. The receiver is designed for measuring emission signals specified by norm CISPR 16-1. The receiver measures three types of emissions:
1) radiated emissions which are measured by the antennas in the range of 30MHz to 26GHz.
2) emissions to the power network. So-called LISN network is used for this purpose.  LISN network operates in the range 9kHz to 30MHz.
3) conducted emissions, which can be measured by voltage probe, current probe or absorption clamps.