AG-3DA1EJ; AG-HMX100; BT-3DL2550; IF-2D3Dl

Responsibleprof. Ing. Zdeněk SMÉKAL, CSc.

This set represents a complete chain for acquisition, processing and displaying the stereoscopic correlated video sequences. First part of the chain is the camera Panasonic AG-3DA1EJ with two integrated lenses with variable focal length in the range 4.2 – 23.5 mm (35 mm equivalent: 47.1 mm to 264 mm) and the F-number in the range 1.8 – 2.4. These lenses are configured to the stereo pair so that the stereo basis will approximately correspond to the pair of human eyes. The recording part saves the full-HD frames of the left and right channel using digital video format AVCHD. Video cut of the records can be performed using video mixer AG-HMX100, which supports up to 12 video HD /SD inputs (4 SDI, 2 HDMI, 2 analog composite, DVI-I) and up to 12 audio inputs (SDI, XLR, HDMI, Mic). Outputs can be displayed on the 3D LCD monitor for viewing the 3D objects using polarized glasses on the 25,5” (64.8 cm) screen Panasonic BT-3DL2550 with the resolution 1920×1200 pix. This set contains also the special image processor IF-2D3D1 for the 2D – 3D real-time conversion with the possibility of 3D format selection and set-up of the paralax and intensity of the 3D impression.
This set of devices for recording, cut, processing and displaying the high-quality stereoscopic correlated HD video sequences can be used in many fields of the research focused on the 3D stereoscopic image acquisition and processing – for example for the research of novel methods of the 3D scene reconstruction.