Stylus profilometry

TypeBruker DektakXT
ClassSurface analyzer
Responsibleprof. Ing. Radimír VRBA, CSc.

Stylus profilometer Bruker DektakXT is a contact measuring device designed for 3D profile measurement and for thickness measurement of different materials or layers. The maximum vertical resolution is 0,1 nm in the range of >5 µm with a repeatability better than 5Å. An important part of the whole system is Vision64 software that runs on 64bit. platform under Windows7. The main features of the software include the control profilometry, entering input values, measurement and data processing, display and export data. The device is used in the department of sensor system as an essential analytical tool for measuring surface roughness, height deficit, thickness and many others including monitoring whole surface topography.  The system is also used for analysis of mechanically sensitive layer without mechanical damage due to a sharp stylus and the setting of wide measuring loads (0,03 – 15 mg).